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About Redwell Brewery

Redwell Brewery was founded in 2013 by a group of beer lovers from Norwich and beyond, with the aim of creating certified vegan and gluten free lagers and beers that would re-ignite the city’s rich brewing heritage. The history of brewing in Norwich goes back centuries but in spite of a number of micro breweries popping up recently the industry is not a patch on its hey-day. At Redwell, we are committed to making craft beers and lagers from the best malting barley available which happens to be on our door step.

The way we brew is unlike the big commercial breweries, who send their beers through an automated process in a matter of hours, the secret of Redwell beers is the best quality ingredients, patience and the skills of a craft brewer who knows how to tease out the distinctive flavours over the necessary time. That way, beers develop naturally, in their own time, so that the taste of the best malted barley, the best hops from around the world and healthy yeast take centre stage. The brewer is constantly watching, tasting and overseeing the process, making sure that it is all in tune.

The Redwell recipes were created by multi award winning master brewer David Jones who has been brewing for over 28 years. David was a leader in the early craft beer movement in Scandinavia and his talent, knowledge and experience is world class. David returned to Scandinavia in 2017 and regardless of distance will always be the Redwell Godfather and remains a key part of our brewing family.

Our new Master Brewer, Belinda Jennings has over 18 years brewing experience and has worked for some of the regions great breweries such as Adnams and Woodfordes. Belinda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in brewing, quality assurance and quality control and teams up with our David Jones protégé Ben Wright creating a talented, passionate and innovative brew team. This level of experience helps us not only achieve outstanding award winning lagers and beers but also allows us to deliver consistency in every batch, every keg and every pint we produce.


Latest News & Events

Kofra Stout is now a gluten free craft beer!

27th July 2016

We’re currently jumping up and down with excitement over the re-invented gluten free Kofra Stout. For those who have not yet drank its beauty, Kofra is a 5.9% ABV stout. The name comes from a collaboration with a local Norwich coffee shop “Kofra”. The beer is brewed using a blend of exclusive coffee produced just […]

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The Craft Beer Drinker’s Pub Guide to Norwich

20th July 2016

For all you newcomers to our fine city of Norwich, here’s a selection of craft beer pubs where you can pick up a pint of Redwell and many other craft beers! The Norwich Tap House Norwich’s first craft beer pub specialising in craft beer, artisan spirits, wines & champagnes. Set in Norwich City Centre, with […]

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Redwell wins best can design at Indie Beer Can Festival

13th July 2016

It’s no secret that the craft beer industry is inundated with whacky designs stretched across cans, bottles and bar covers. More and more we’re seeing that craft beer buyers do indeed judge a book by it’s cover – how can you not when the covers are all so pretty? So long as the beer inside […]

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#steamontour – Norwich!

6th July 2016

#steamontour sees our steam lager travel the globe in true tourist fashion, being snapped next to landmarks. We’ve been running this on Twitter and wanted to get a more permanent edition of it running on the website.  We’d love to hear suggestions for where you’d like us to take #steamontour next – head over to and get in […]

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Liverpool Craft Beer Expo 2016

23rd June 2016

Last weekend we headed up to Liverpool for the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo.  The expo featured some of the countries biggest craft breweries turn up to run their own bar and get a little more intimate with the folk drinking their brews – an offer we couldn’t turn down!  Kicking off on Thursday 16th June and running […]

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Hop Rocket IPA & Altitude Record

10th May 2016

Today we launch the crowd funder raising money to launch a rocket full of hops into the stratosphere, reclaimimg a European Altitude record and brewing an IPA like no other for Britain. Our Hop Rocket IPA will be ready by the start of June – to get your hands on this limited edition IPA, head over […]

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Redwell now the proud brewer of the best pale ale in the UK.

21st March 2016

It’s been a long road for the Redwell brewery since it first opened in 2013. Now in 2016 the road has smoothed over and their trophy cabinet is starting to look rather full. The most recent of these awards was granted at the SIBA Awards earlier this week. Where The West Coast Pale Ale took […]

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Our Round at Red Lion, Coltishall – 10/3/2016

29th February 2016

Redwell Brewery & The Red Lion in Coltishall present… OUR ROUND! The idea of our round is a simple one, which is all about giving back to our loyal drinkers and those of The Red Lion in Coltishall on Thursday 10th March from 5pm. On an Our Round night, whenever you buy a pint of Redwell […]

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Vegan Beers

10th February 2016

When talking to many people there seems to be a common concern with the vegetarian and vegan community – they seem to think they can’t drink beer due to many brewers using isinglass (the swim bladders of a fish) to clear their beers and make them bright, and therefore they avoid all beers just in […]

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Norwich Pils Launch at Beehive, Norwich (18/2/16)

9th February 2016

For the first time in nearly a year, we’re launching a new beer! We have brewed a 4% Pilsner, exclusively for the pubs and people of Norwich, hence the name Norwich Pils. To celebrate this, we’re going to be launching it in The Beehive pub on Leopold Road in Norwich. We love the Beehive as […]

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