Redwell Brewing
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West Coast Pale Ale

Our West Coast pale is chock full of American hops, giving you the aroma of fresh citrus fruits which continues onto the palate… think grapefruit & blood orange but with a sturdy rich tea biscuit base to bring it all together!


A massive Lager in every respect. A truly unique style dry hopped lager full of white and citrus fruit, mediterranean herbs and a lot of tropical fruit. Clean, crisp finish with a BIG mouthful of hops. This lager is seriously addictive.

Pale Ale

A great easy drinking beer a little touch of modern panache, but at heart this is a classic English session ale, and one of our favourites.

Steam Lager

A great lager for ale lovers, this is a California Common style beer, fermented with lager yeast at ale fermentation temperature. Spiced cake aromas and flavours, Redwell Steam is a neat beer that has all the charm of an amber ale with the cleanliness and spriteliness of a lager

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