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Kofra Stout is now a gluten free craft beer!

27th July 2016

We’re currently jumping up and down with excitement over the re-invented gluten free Kofra Stout. For those who have not yet drank its beauty, Kofra is a 5.9% ABV stout. The name comes from a collaboration with a local Norwich coffee shop “Kofra”. The beer is brewed using a blend of exclusive coffee produced just for us and sourced from Guatemala and Costa Rica.

As you can see over the last few months we have been busy bee’s indeed. Let me take you through our journey and why Kofra craft beer has changed for the greater good.

Here at Redwell we look to satisfy all our fans with a range of tantalising craft beers. Whilst brain storming and playing around with our ingredients, a decision was made to favour the Coeliac’s and gluten sensitive amongst us. We wanted to offer our normal superb flavours but exclude the gluten content, so more of you can enjoy the experience. So we vowed to create a smooth local gluten free craft beer. Here comes the science bit…

Gluten is a protein found in most grains including barley, wheat, rye and oats. This affects our poor coeliac & gluten sensitive drinkers, as the gluten triggers an immune response in the small intestine. Which in turn means that the body cannot properly absorb the nutrients it needs. We wont go into too much detail but it’s not a pleasant experience.

Our talented head brewer David Jones got to work and Kofra seemed like the most suitable candidate. David chose to use an enzyme process of degrading the Gluten molecule, this reduces the gluten content of beer made from the barley. Some other brewers may choose to use gluten free grains, however these grains will affect your palette and can change the beer from its original pleasurable flavour. I am sure if you suffer with a gluten intolerance you are very aware of how reducing the gluten can sometimes implement a taste difference. By using the former method to reduce the gluten content the drinking experience remains exceptional, our lucky gluten tolerant drinkers didn’t even notice the difference. Now lets just be clear on the reduction levels. Anything with 20ppm ([gluten] parts per million) or less can be labelled by law as gluten free and Kofra beer is coming out at less than 10ppm (ELISA tested by Murphy and Son Ltd – Results received on 7th June 2016 ) Magic! We have managed to keep the same great tasting flavour and created a drink we can all enjoy.

Please note that this is a recent change and only cans labelled with an expiry date of October 5th 2016 or later are guaranteed gluten free. You can buy Kofra gluten free craft beer here.

Also any baking enthusiasts amongst us should check out Redwell craft beer recipes. The first episode features Kofra sugar & gluten free craft beer brownies. Get your teeth into that!!

We would love to hear what you think of Kofra Stout, our newest gluten free craft beer. Please get in touch with us @RedwellBeer

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