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Liverpool Craft Beer Expo 2016

23rd June 2016

Last weekend we headed up to Liverpool for the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo.  The expo featured some of the countries biggest craft breweries turn up to run their own bar and get a little more intimate with the folk drinking their brews – an offer we couldn’t turn down!  Kicking off on Thursday 16th June and running through to Sunday 20th, we had the pleasure of meeting some great people at our bar and trying out some of the best beers the UK craft beer scene has to offer.  We had a great time meeting you all – we’d like to say a big thank you to the the expo for inviting us along and we hope we can come again next year to catch up with you all again.


The beautifully designed Liverpool Craft Beer Expo glass

Liverpool Craft Beer Expo

The Wild Beer Co

The Wild Beer Co bar


Thornbridge bar

The Five Points Brewing  Co

The Five Points Brewing Co bar


Pouring a steam at the Redwell bar

Liverpool Craft Beer Expo

Liverpool Craft Beer Co

Liverpool Craft Brewing Company bar

Madhatter Brewing Co

Madhatter brewing company bar

Food Menu

Liverpool craft beer expo food menu

Olly's Cider House

Olly cider house


Amy running the Redwell bar

Cloudwater Brewing

The Cloudwater bar

Big Hug Brewing

Big Hug Brewing bar


Beavertown, Fourpure and Black lodge bars


The brewdog van


The Karkli stand



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