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Vegan Beers

10th February 2016

When talking to many people there seems to be a common concern with the vegetarian and vegan community – they seem to think they can’t drink beer due to many brewers using isinglass (the swim bladders of a fish) to clear their beers and make them bright, and therefore they avoid all beers just in case unless they know for certain that said beer is vegan.

This common misconception and lack of information on which breweries are producing vegetarian and vegan friendly beers is indeed depriving a large community of people from drinking the many delicious craft beers that are out in the public!

Well we’re happy to tell you that all of our craft beers including the Bullards cask ales that we revived last year don’t contain any animal by-products and are therefore safe for vegetarians and vegans to drink.

It is pretty difficult to get the word out there, short of putting the fact on pumpclips and on our cans, but luckily as with everything, there’s an app for that.

We recently discovered Barnivore, a website and app dedicated to letting people know which alcoholic drinks are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You simply type the name of the beer or brewery and it’ll pull up a list for you… simple!

It’s a handy little app that we’d highly recommend getting so that you know what’s good for you to drink.

You can take a look at their website and get links to the apps here:

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